Inside Out: The Power of Clarity

By Steve Pereira & Andrew Davis

Build Clarity 🔭, Enable Value 🏅, Pursue Flow 🎢 - Issue #1





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Inside Out: The Power of Clarity
Build Clarity 🔭, Enable Value 🏅, Pursue Flow 🎢 - Issue #1
By Steve Pereira & Andrew Davis • Issue #1 • View online
Your organization is a living collection of value streams at every level. Effective knowledge work in value streams depends on three elements: Clarity, value, and flow.
“It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.” - W. Edwards Deming
Clarity is essential but elusive; navigating together requires building shared clarity. Value is at the heart of what we seek; creating value is the essence of work. In our quest for value, we have to constantly remove obstacles to flow to find velocity and sustainability in a world of change.
Inside Out is a collaboration aimed at collecting the best ideas, information, and practices to improve software development leadership across every value stream.

🔭 Clarity
What we’ve gained clarity on:
As leaders, the same questions tend to haunt us, and they don’t seem to be getting easier to answer:
  • How are we performing?
  • Where are we focused?
  • What are we missing?
We seem to always be faced with more complexity, friction, and waste over time, and there’s no simple answer to address these challenges. What’s even more challenging is that we need to share the same understanding of these issues with executives and individual contributors alike.
We’re grappling with some of the leading challenges holding organizations back from better performance:
  • Project-focus, micro-optimization, and silos
  • Copy-and-paste fix attempts
  • Agile frameworks and mandates adding little or no value
  • Misalignment
What we’re interested in pursuing:
  • Organizations depend on shared clarity, delivering targeted value to customers, and enabling continuous flow
  • Organizational performance emerges from individual psychology
  • We need to optimize for: Information flow, understanding, alignment, focus, decision-making, experimentation, execution, scale, and sustainability
Our goal is to deliver practical, applicable insights on two fronts:
  • The cycle of clarity, value, and flow as a mental framework for improved performance
  • The act of mapping as a practical framework to catalyze and enable improved performance
By improved performance, we mean:
  • Maximizing learning while minimizing effort
  • Maximizing value creation while minimizing effort
  • Enabling the continuous delivery of value
We hope this excites you as much as it does us, and if you’re on the fence, hear us out for a moment 😉
🏅 Value
Where we’ve found value:
Get good at delivering software
🎢 Flow
Get in the flow with us:
Inside Out with Steve Pereira and Andrew Davis
Inside Out with Steve Pereira and Andrew Davis
Thank you for reading!
We wanted to deliver value from day 1. In the next issue we’ll talk about why we’re sharing this content, and where we’re headed.
Stay tuned, and if you enjoyed this please forward it on or share the signup page with your friends and colleagues
Inside Out - by Steve Pereira & Andrew Davis
Inside Out - by Steve Pereira & Andrew Davis
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Steve Pereira & Andrew Davis

To solve big problems, we need to go back to basics. Our effectiveness depends on gaining clarity, creating value, and finding flow. Society and technology are changing quickly, but at every scale these three considerations are timeless keys to success. We look at maximizing improvement ROI, how the best teams work, and how individuals can find meaning and purpose in their work.

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