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New Year, New Commitments

Inside Out: The Power of Clarity
New Year, New Commitments
By Steve Pereira & Andrew Davis • Issue #11 • View online
We’re back for 2022! We got caught up in the latest book edits and holiday rush at the end of the year, but we’re back with renewed energy and excitement for a year of value stream growth and evolution. We’re beginning to see a large ecosystem develop around value stream management (check out the latest at!) and the Value Stream Management Consortium (stay tuned for great new things coming there)
How is your organization becoming more flow-centric in 2022?

Getting Clear
Gene Kim
I am pondering this strange, seemingly contradictory set of principles:

- kata/discipline/practice: what is often needed to achieve peak performance (ie, methods >> results)

- goal-setting/OKRs: set system-level desired outcomes to unleash creativity (ie, methods << results)
Steve Pereira
@RealGeneKim It does seem contradictory, but without clear targets you could develop all kinds of kata/discipline/practice/capability that doesn't serve your needs.

I like @asplake's 2MBM (Meaning>Metric>Method) approach to frame this, and Goldratt said it long ago:
What do you think? Can you develop strategy out of tactics? Can you drive results out of methods?
What is your preferred method for reaching your goals in 2022?
What We're Finding Valuable
Book: Driving DevOps with Value Stream Management
Steve found some time over the holidays to dig into Gary Rupp’s comprehensive Value Stream Management compendium.
If you’re looking for a detailed reference on what Value Stream Management means in the context of DevOps toolchains, it’s a great resource for connecting the dots stretching across the technical practices of VSM.
Coming soon:
VSM Consortium
New year and new events! Value Stream Consortium is proud to announce the Flow Sessions: our newest webinar series. And what better way to kick it off than with value stream legend Karen Martin @KarenMartinOpEx

Click the link below to sign up
In the Flow
Late in the year, Steve spoke to the fine folks at the Team Titans podcast about his value stream origins, organizations as stream networks, and a little bit of NFT chat:
Team Titans Season 3, Episode 2 - Steve Pereira
Thank you for reading!
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Steve Pereira & Andrew Davis

To solve big problems, we need to go back to basics. Our effectiveness depends on gaining clarity, creating value, and finding flow. Society and technology are changing quickly, but at every scale these three considerations are timeless keys to success. We look at maximizing improvement ROI, how the best teams work, and how individuals can find meaning and purpose in their work.

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